Dec 292009
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On my way to Norway!

Right now I am on my way to Norway with my husband. The train is by far the cheapest alternative, but means that we have to suffer through a 14 hour long train ride. But, that’s alright; we have our computer with us, and all our favorite Simpson’s episodes. I brought with me some school […]

Dec 282009
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I am not getting fat for Christmas

I started early with my New Year’s resolutions, a week before Christmas as a matter of fact. As I mentioned in my previous blog, it feels like people are having the occasional treat on daily basis now, and Christmas lasts for weeks- not a day or two. So I decided a week ago, not to […]

Dec 272009
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I don’t shop a lot, not since we made a budget and we both realised how much crap a person buys. But today, I decided to buy something for myself. With my hair being short, there is a limit to how much you can do with it, so I decided to get some dressy hairpins. […]

Dec 262009
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Sorry for disappearing for a few days, usually I blog even when I am away from home, but Christmas is special- so I took some time of. So, what happened since last time? We had some guys over from Daniels school on the 22nd, and we had a gaming night as I mentioned earlier. Daniels […]

Dec 222009
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Fun in the snow

Last night I was so excited that we finally had snow in Gothenburg. I haven’t seen snow for years, and believe me I have missed it so much! So I got restless and dragged Daniel with me in the middle of the night, and we went out to sled in the snow. We had a […]

Dec 212009
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Yesterday me and Daniel, Rickard, Johanna and Mikael went to Liseberg. Liseberg is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, and every Christmas they have something called ‘Christmas at Liseberg’. The whole place is decorated as if in a fairytale, the lights are many and sparkling- and the atmosphere is magical. It was -6 […]

Dec 182009
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Going out woho!

Short blog entry today, I am busy – busy getting pretty 🙂 A friend of ours is having a party, we are baptizing his new apartment. I slept for 12 hours today, and afterwards I spent the rest of the day fixing up the apartment and boring household chores. I probably don’t need to tell […]

Dec 172009
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Finally finished school....

… for this year anyway. Today I did the Clinical Nutrition II test, and did well – everybody in the group passed, and now we can enjoy hard-earned three week long Christmas break. I am so unbelievable happy! Although, I do have some assignments to do over the Christmas, and I am planning to do […]

Dec 152009
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California road trip in July 2010 is booked!

OMG, I am so happy! We finally booked our California road trip for next summer! Me, Daniel, Rickard and Johanna are hiring a convertible to cruise in. We are going to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, San Diego and Tijuana in Mexico. We have been saving up money for this trip […]

Dec 142009
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Decorating for Christmas

So yesterday I put up the Christmas decorations. Daniels dad came in the evening with a Christmas tree that was donated to us from some really wonderful people, Pia and Anders. We had announced early that we where searching for a plastic-tree, the ones at the stores where expensive and not to our taste. I […]

Dec 132009
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Celebration time- night out with friends

To celebrate my exam, we met up with our two friends Rickard and Johanna. After watching the St. Lucia parade on the main street, we went for burgers at a cozy restaurant. The restaurant had been awarded good scores in the local newspaper, so the guys ordered the famous burger, and I mixed it up […]

Dec 102009
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Protein reduced diet, 40g a day

All the semester 5 students try out five different special diets throughout the final year, so we can get a better understanding for our patients and what they go through. When I talk about diet, I mean a particular way of eating to treat or reduce complications of an underlying disorder. No weight loss, as […]

Dec 092009
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A beautiful surprise on a very stressful day

So yesterday, Tuesday, my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There was also a chocolate hidden among the flowers, and a card that said “I love you more than you’ll ever know”. I had a distressing morning, trying- but finding myself unable to focus, to study for my sports nutrition exam now […]

Dec 082009
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Hand surgery within three months

Today my orthopedic called me to let me know that I could have my hand surgery, and within three months. This is great news for me, as I have been trying for two year to get this through. 2 ½ year ago I hit my right hand quite badly while playing squash, it got really […]

Dec 072009
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Idol 2009 live, sushi and Christmas shopping

Sunday was no boring day this week! We woke up late after all the singing on Saturday, and decided to get some fresh air and also get some Christmas shopping done. My sister lives in Australia with her boyfriend and we have to send the packet tomorrow to make sure it will arrive before Christmas. […]

Dec 062009
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Buzz and singstar evening

Yesterday was such a great day, today I am tired but very contempt . After working on some overdue special-diet analyses for school, my husband Daniel and I, had dinner at grandmas. She cooked up a wonderful dinner with desert, afterwards we had coffee and cookies and talked. There is such a calm, being at […]

Dec 042009
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Boring day of study, but a funny picture

I actually don’t have anything interesting to share with the world today, so I’ll keep this post short. I have been insanely tired today, and pretty much lived of sugar and anything with caffeine in an attempt to stay awake and manage to get some assignments done. So far I’ve just finished writing an article, […]

Dec 032009
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Mm pumpkin/lentil soup and walnut bread!

I didn’t get much sleep last night- as usual my husband and me stayed up talking until late am’s. Winter time I usually require 10-11 hours of sleep to function (yes- seriously), so 5 hours of sleep is hell for me. I still managed to get some studying done, publish the news of the day […]

Dec 012009
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This is probably my fifth blog, and I am sorry for moving you guys around! As you know, I am constantly working on my website(s) to create the ultimate one. The other websites are still under construction, except for my company website, I want to separate work from my private life, and that is […]