Jan 272010
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation course – meeting Mini-Anne

Yesterday it was time for my Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course renewal. To keep my registration with the Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) and Australian fitness network I need to renew my CPR knowledge every two to three years. I have an insurance through my membership with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) […]

Jan 242010
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Website update, business cards and posters

Today I have been working more or less all day. It is time to order in some new business cards and posters to get started with the ‘Beach 2010’ advertising and get those spring and summer clients. I have decided to add a rougher look to my website and cards, darker and dirtier and visually […]

Jan 222010
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Pubic hair commercial and ’love-handle’ hating- what is wrong with this picture?

I few months ago I was very unhappy, when I turned around and starred straight up Eva Mendes pubic hair at the tram stop in Gothenburg. It was minus 10 degrees but she didn’t seem to mind, all oiled up with legs apart and sporting a trimmed bikini line. So I understand that we should […]

Jan 192010
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Why are girls so mean? Relational aggression among girls

A small incidence at school today made me think of something a male friend once said to me, “Wow, you girls are so mean”. We were watching a reality show on TV, where some of the female participants were freezing out one of the girls. One person in particular would twist everything she said, or […]

Jan 142010
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Today it was time for another laser session on my tattoo. I decided to get a large snake tattoo across my chest when I was 16, and after layering it three times I woke up one day to realise how stupid it was. Three years ago I started the painful process of removing it, and […]

Jan 122010
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Outdoor training in snow and - 6 degrees

Today was an awesome day and a very busy one as well. I had a terrific start to the day, training one of my clients outdoor. We went to a football field (that apparently is used for cross-country skiing now?!). It was covered in crispy white snow, and surrounded by tall trees, also covered in […]

Jan 102010
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And what will this semester bring?

This weekend marks the end of the festive season for me. At the same time it kicks off the new semester with school, my company and training. Last week I met up with one of my clients, who have been away for a few months on a business trip. Over a cup of coffee we […]

Jan 072010
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Super-easy and inexpensive delicious bread

The bookkeeping office was closed today, so instead I spent the day cleaning, organizing my papers and baking bread. I can’t eat store bought bread, well I can eat it – but I honestly can’t stand the taste. If you ever thought baking bread is hard, expensive or takes a lot of time, I can […]

Jan 062010
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Recently I updated to windows 7, and I made sure I made a proper backup and all that. Now I can’t get my bookkeeping program to find my files, and my VAT is due (VAT= Value added tax, or ‘moms’ as we call it in Sweden) in a few days. My other backup is from […]

Jan 042010
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Comparing cars to gyms

Right now I am in Oslo, waiting for my train connection to Sweden. I’ve got quite an exciting week ahead of me, and there is much to tell. But right now I am just having a giggle at a quote that I read in a Norwegian newspaper. As I mentioned before, training at a gym […]