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I want to wish all my readers a happy NYE, I truly hope everybody is as excited about the upcoming year as I am. This can be the year you change your life for the better, the year that your health – both mental and physical- is prioritized. For me 2009 ended just as beautiful as 2010 started, with a 10K run in the snow. Norway is a country that is so quiet and peaceful, you can hardly hear it breath. The shops close early, and stay closed for all holidays and every Sunday. So does the gyms. I come home often, but I forget every time, how hard it is to make it to the gym. The gyms have been closed every day (more or less) for the last week, and I wonder why – considering that some of the gyms cost as much as 741NOK ( aprox 80 Euro) a month. I went out running, and combined it with some body weighted exercises when I got back home. During the run, that lasted for 1 hour, I only saw one other person. No kids were out playing in the snow, nothing. It was like a ghost town, a very pretty ghost town. When did people start to rely on gyms for exercise? Do we need to pay to stay active? Why do we have to spend holidays immobile? The weather is so splendid, the air is so fresh. You feel so alive, and it takes only one hour but lasts for an eternity. My mantra for 2010? Get out, and get moving!

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