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This weekend marks the end of the festive season for me. At the same time it kicks off the new semester with school, my company and training. Last week I met up with one of my clients, who have been away for a few months on a business trip. Over a cup of coffee we talked about this years training, and she kept it up real good while away – training five times a week, and I can’t wait to train her next week and see how strong she has gotten. It makes me happy when they are happy, and it is that feeling (when I am oh so proud!) that made me decide to push further and expand my company this year. I actually redid my whole bookkeeping after the program refused to accept my backup after installing Windows 7 ultimate edition. At the same time I started working on this years business plan and budget, and next week I need to meet up with the insurance company, get re-licensed and so on. I also need to get a new CPR course done this year, as those have to be updated every two years. My senior first aid is all good.
And school! Well, we are continuing with Clinical Nutrition II for a few more weeks, and after that it is time for my bachelor thesis and 9 weeks of work at the hospital. I have also enrolled in an English course that will be on the weekends.
Next to those things, I have my training, family, friends and my dear husband. It is going to be an awesome semester, and I am extremely excited. But, I have a feeling that the picture below might be a rare party picture this semester- as I have to focus on school and work. Me and Daniel at the VIP party for the new Friday club at Karisma, taken by my favorite photographer Björn last friday:

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