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Today it was time for another laser session on my tattoo. I decided to get a large snake tattoo across my chest when I was 16, and after layering it three times I woke up one day to realise how stupid it was. Three years ago I started the painful process of removing it, and believe me it is painful! There are different types of lasers, and I have tried them all. One of them burned my skin so badly I threw up in pain, and had nightmares about it for months. The smell of your own flesh burning is surreal and quite sickening. The laser beam is aimed at the ink particles, and make them explode into tiny fragments. These fragments are carried out by the body’s natural elimination system. For me, since the tattoo has colors (had colors) it takes ten treatments, and you have to wait for at least two-three months in-between. I have waited longer, and I believe that is why I have no scarring (quitting smoking years ago helped too). Apart from the physical pain, the wallet isn’t too happy either. 2500 SEK, or 355 dollars, a session adds up to 25000 SEK (3550 dollars). Stupidity sure is costly, but I am really happy that I actually can remove it – well worth every penny!

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