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I just came back from a ‘body combat’ class at the gym. I was so full of energy today that I ran to the gym, and ran back, ignoring the snow and my very unhappy and previously twisted ankle. While running, I got to thinking, how important being active is in my life. Apart from family and my husband, being active and learning are the two things I love most in my life. Coincidently those two things also collide. Studying is what keeps me the most inactive during the day, and some days the lectures are from 9 am to 4 pm, a whopping 7 hours of inactivity. According to a recent study that means that I have more than 50% higher risk of death- and that exercising wont undo the damage of sitting still for so long. I am hyperactive, a diagnosis that I was supposed to grow out of- but it stuck by me, and therefore it takes immensely amount of willpower for me to sit still- and be quiet. So, when I need to study I take my books to the gym, find a bike and read while biking- or go for a walk with my notes.

Why is it that in 2010 there is still no better options for people who like me, need more stimulating environments where we can learn in a more natural way. It seems to me, so unnatural, that we as humans- created for movement 14 hours out of a 24 hour cycle,- should be inactive for half that time. And during that time learn how important it is that we are active. I want options! I want the ability to choose an active life, even if studying or working.

Just a thought…

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