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I few months ago I was very unhappy, when I turned around and starred straight up Eva Mendes pubic hair at the tram stop in Gothenburg. It was minus 10 degrees but she didn’t seem to mind, all oiled up with legs apart and sporting a trimmed bikini line. So I understand that we should ignore the pressure to look a certain way, because of course you won’t see me or any of my friends doing that pose in those clothes and certainly not looking as slim and edited like that. When the poster was peeled down, I was sure it was due to complaints- and expected not to see more of those again. Well, a some days ago Les Mills was telling me that ‘Love doesn’t need handles’- a message many would be sorry to hear after the festive season. For those of you not familiar with Les Mills, it is a workout classes concept – very good ones too- that many gyms in the city are leasing. The poster shows a boy and a girl, both quite thin and toned, looking somewhat mean. What really irritates me is:
1. The message that seems to indicate that you don’t have to be overweight to be loved. Well, I am sure we all deserve love, no matter the size.
2. Their definition of how one should look to get ‘love’ – I’ll explain this further
Human beings need fat, on our body, in our body, in our diet and in our cells. Without it- we would simply seize to exist. It has been widely proven that obesity is a predictor of ill health, but a low BMI is a higher predictor of mortality- and malnutrition and protein and energy malnutrition is a larger concern at hospitals. Fat has a protective effect on our bodies, and is also of metabolic importance. Women need more body fat than men, and we tend to carry it more on our lower part of our body, and also as love handles. In order to achieve a slim body without any love handles, most of us would have to achieve such a low body fat percentage that we would negatively affect our health. If one should get sick, the body would have nowhere else to find energy other than from your muscles. This would affect everything from breathing (you need muscles for that) and metabolic processes (you use your muscles to pump the blood through your body).I say screw you Les Mills, and Eva Mendes- put some clothes on girl –you are not selling underwear, you are selling low self esteem to young girls, and wanking material to guys.
Right, Im going out to celebrate my test on Clinical nutrition today. Ciao

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