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Yesterday when I woke up the sun was shining; something considered a rare sight during the darker months of the year here in Gothenburg. Although the temperature was -10C, I had a sudden feeling of spring. The days are lighter, the air is sweeter and I feel wonderful. So me and my husband Daniel decided to take our training to the next level, getting ready for ‘beach 2010’. I know this year is going to be an awesome year, and this summer will be the best summer ever. Of course, I think that every year, but I have never been wrong…
So from now on I am going to post my workouts, and my steps (as the day-to-day activity is just as important) and so on. Two days ago we kicked of the whole thing by doing some boxing and thaiboxing, our idea of a romantic date. I am operating my hand next week, so it is going to be interesting how I am going to manage my workouts afterwards. Mm, and I have my very last exam next week (Clinical nutrition II) – and that means that I will be inactive for the most of the days if I don’t actively try to change that!
I encourage you to also get started and get moving!

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