Feb 202010

 Today my business has taken a different direction. I have had two weeks full of meetings and decisions to make and this morning I thought that it was time for take-off. Originally I was asked by a gym to hold a weight loss group alone, but wanting to challenge myself I decided to take onboard […]

Feb 112010
What if saturated fat isn't that bad? Dietetic thought of the day

I couldn’t sleep last night, my mind was hard at work and therefore my body could get no rest. A few days ago I did something I haven’t done before. I bought butter. It was hard to find as it was well hidden and was modest and shy by appearance- bullied in to the corner by […]

Feb 032010
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Operation tomorrow, final exam on Friday

Tomorrow, at the break of dawn (07:45) I am finally having hand surgery.  As I wrote earlier, I injured my hand playing squash, and I have been waiting for an operation for over two years. The funny thing is, that when I finally get it – it is on the day before my final exam. […]

Feb 022010
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Running in the snow storm- there is no such thing as bad weather

My prediction of an early spring was very wrong. Two days ago a very heavy snowfall started, and it seems like it is here to stay. Nonetheless, I am keeping up with my training regime no matter what. I don’t believe there such as thing as bad weather, only a bad attitude and bad gear. […]