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My prediction of an early spring was very wrong. Two days ago a very heavy snowfall started, and it seems like it is here to stay. Nonetheless, I am keeping up with my training regime no matter what. I don’t believe there such as thing as bad weather, only a bad attitude and bad gear. When I was young, we would go out and play regardless of the weather. The only thing that the weather decided was what I had to wear. I wonder how we became so fragile that we cannot tolerate rain, snow or/and wind? There is something really special about running in extreme weather conditions, or less extreme but so-called uncomfortable weather conditions. It is simply liberating. I run when I want to, and how I want to, no matter what (or the weather). If I had to let the weather decide I would probably run only once a month, but I choose to let me decide instead. So anyway, there was ice under the snow, so I had to tread carefully and thus I kept it at jogging tempo, but my pulse still held a steady 155-165bmp, enough for a decent cardio run. I kept it to 35 min, as the unstable surface (snow) gives your shins and the smaller surrounding muscles quite a beating, and since you have to jog at a slower pace you land with your heel (breaking on every step), and when you do that it tends to be a bit harder on the knees. But running in the snow is an excellent exercise to improve your runs . But, you have to focus 100% so you won’t twist your ankle (like I did in December when I didn’t pay attention) and build up gradually. Good luck!

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