Mar 172010

By putting in a tremendous amount of work we managed to get up-to-date by last Friday. We analyzed our five studies, wrote the method part of the thesis and prepared for the Monday session with our professor. We had taken some drastic conclusions and were worried what she would say, as we had come to the conclusion that we would be unable to answer our research question due to the poor quality of the studies. We wouldn’t even be able to give it a low grade, as there were large chunks of information missing from the studies, and we suspected selection bias on two of thethem. I slept through the weekend, not wanting to think about school. On Saturday I and my husband had Johanna and Rickard over for dinner, and we planned our road trip to California this June. Monday finally arrived. Our meeting with Mette went really well, with nothing needed to be changed in our review. Now the writing and editing work could start for real. Tuesday we made a summary of all the studies with critique, and we started on our discussion. As there are so many things to think about, we decided to make a mind-map on the board. Unfortunately we didn’t have proper pens, so we had to use our highlighters – not sure how much you can read. Anyways, we are well ahead of our schedule and might even finish early if we keep up the good pace.
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