Mar 242010
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Last weekend was, in one word, awesome. I went to visit my parents in Norway, and to work two shifts at the Crazy Piano Nightclub. We had Paradise Hotel come and visit us on the Friday, three of the guests at least. Stian, Daniel and Karoline. I worked the camera in the beginning of the evening as the photographer and later in the night as one of the dancers. And I must say we sure did put on a tremendous show. Girls- and Alex (and Daniel and Stian too) thank you so much for an awesome night! I can’t wait to get back and do it all over again! I think we left quite an impression on the Paradise Hotel stars, and they sure did as well – considering that they stripped down to their birthday suits on the bar disk- only wearing a cowboy hat ha ha. The hat was strategically placed I must say- and it was all for fun, it’s not s strip club by any means! We just don’t take ourselves too serious, and when we have a good time, we REALLY have a good time. Now I am back in Sweden, and back to writing on my bachelor thesis with the lovely Cecilia. I love my crazy time at the Crazy Piano, but I love my crazy time at home as well. It is hard being away from my husband and it is nice to be home and in his arms again. I wish he could come with me to Norway, but it is impossible for him to get time off from school right now. Time, time, time. If I had money, I would buy time. No doubt about it!
BTW! I recently finished the new website for Crazy Piano, and if you want to see the pictures from last Friday you can see them here.

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