Apr 282010
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Comic strip about dietitians!

Yes, I have found yet another thing to keep myself occupied with, and that is my very own comic strip about dietitians. I hear every day misconceptions about dietitians, and dietitians (and dietetics students) have quite a good time laughing at them. Some misconceptions are truer than others, but most of them are just ridiculous. […]

Apr 272010
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Very tired – uncertainties about the future keeping me awake

I didn’t sleep to well last night, many thoughts and uncertainties in my head. I was lying awake until four am, before dragging myself to the living room and collapsing on the sofa. For the last couple of weeks I have been applying to various jobs, somewhat uncertain whether I want or should study this […]

Apr 252010
Week 16, first week of practical training as a dietitian

Ah! Another week has gone by! This one has been an extraordinary week, as two things I have been looking forward to have happened. One: my practical training as a dietitian started, and two: spring is here! My training will last for six weeks, and I will be at four different hospitals (!) mainly in […]

Apr 152010
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Toilet philosophy

After so many intensive weeks my brain has shut down – well parts of it anyway, so today I don’t have anything particularly smart to say. Instead I thought I would discuss something called toilet philosophy. Even at my school, in the medical department, the students can’t refrain from testing their graffiti skills and poetry […]

Apr 142010
My bachelor thesis VIII: Thesis defense in academia day two

I feel gooood! *moonwalking* At 10:30 today I and Cecilia presented our thesis, and defended our work. Everything went smoothly, and the whole thing felt really good. The picture is taken straight after the thesis defense. We are soaking up some sun whilst adding some suggested changes to our thesis, mostly some punctuation errors and […]

Apr 132010
My bachelor thesis VII: Thesis defense in academia day one

Last week we finished our thesis, and I know I have said that before,- but we always find more things to edit. Anyways, on the Tuesday the thesis came back from the proofreading, I spent some extra money on the thesis to make sure that correct and academic language was used. It was money well […]

Apr 112010
My black and white birthday party

Another year and another party, last Friday night was one awesome night! We started off the night by having a black and white party at my place. The guys looked amazing in their costumes, and the girls looked stunning in their white dresses. We drank champagne, ate homemade sushi, and played party games, and talked […]

Apr 092010
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Go Iris, it’s your birthday!

This Tuesday was my birthday, and I am now 26. Feels good, real good. I don’t mind getting older, as I love good stories, and time allows me to collect more of them. Last Tuesday my husband organized a dinner for my birthday, and I was very surprised and very happy that so many could […]

Apr 052010
The belly dancing dietitian, barefoot on the bar

I really should blog more often, but working nights has really taken a toll on me and yesterday I slept until four in the afternoon, waking up just in time to have dinner. I suspect sleeping without my dear husband also makes it hard to fall asleep; the bed seems empty and cold without him. […]

Apr 022010
Easter: Romanian cuisine in Norway

On Wednesday I went back to Norway to visit my parents. Celebrating Easter with my parents has always been an important tradition, with lots and lots of traditional Romanian food. My grandmother came from Romania earlier in the week, and has been cooking like there’s no tomorrow. It is hard to resist all the cakes […]