Apr 022010

On Wednesday I went back to Norway to visit my parents. Celebrating Easter with my parents has always been an important tradition, with lots and lots of traditional Romanian food. My grandmother came from Romania earlier in the week, and has been cooking like there’s no tomorrow. It is hard to resist all the cakes and cookies, and heavy dinners all typical to the Romanian cuisine. I have been eating very little, as my stomach is used to fairly healthy foods and lots of vegetables, and switching to meats and sugar loaded cakes only would not win any popularity contest with my stomach. There is no way I am going to start a dietitian debate with my grandma, and so I secretly try to make the meals healthier by eating less and supplementing with healthier alternatives. She cooks for love, and in Romania food equals love. I try to get some extra exercise, as I know that my activity level tends to drop when I visit my parents and I can’t use my time as I want to- but have to plan around family activities (cooking mainly), and work. I’ve been dancing every day , and had workout at home (and mum joined me), and I have been working at the bar every night. Today when I woke up my whole body was aching, but I will go out for a run and do some dancing and some pushups, rows and squats.
The bachelor thesis is almost finished; we have only editing left- but I will write more about that later. Got to go out for a run, cause work starts at 8pm. Ciao!

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