Apr 132010

Last week we finished our thesis, and I know I have said that before,- but we always find more things to edit. Anyways, on the Tuesday the thesis came back from the proofreading, I spent some extra money on the thesis to make sure that correct and academic language was used. It was money well spent, but I’ll get back to that later. Wednesday we handed it in, and spent the next couple of days preparing for the thesis examination, which consists of an oral presentation and then an oral examination where we have to defend our work. The examination committee or jury consists of other students from our class and the professor, Frode. Each student has to defend their work, as well as analyze and give feedback on somebody else’s work. Today we where the committee/jury and had to evaluate the work of two classmates. It was actually worse than writing the whole thesis, as we knew how much work they had put into it and it was awful to criticize their work. They took it really well and I believe that we were all pleased with the discussion. Tomorrow it is our turn to defend our work- and I am very excited! It I get to film it then I might post it in my blog, but chances are that I won’t be allowed.
In regards to the picture, it was taken today while I was preparing for the examination. I am wearing clip-on hair extensions, they finally arrived yesterday. My hair is still quite short 😀
To read more about my thesis click here

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