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After so many intensive weeks my brain has shut down – well parts of it anyway, so today I don’t have anything particularly smart to say. Instead I thought I would discuss something called toilet philosophy. Even at my school, in the medical department, the students can’t refrain from testing their graffiti skills and poetry skills at the toilet. I’ve never really understood how people can come up with everything from personal confessions to love declarations while taking a shit. I have honestly never ever in my life gotten a splendid thought while sitting at the toilet,so splendid that I have felt compelled to grab a pen out of my bag and stretch to towards the nearest wall or item so I can ‘publish’ it for the world to see. In general I am not really doing much thinking whilst at the toilet, but I have noticed that maybe many people do. Although it is somewhat disturbing, I have to admit it is quite entertaining. Here is a funny one I observed yesterday:

Person1 “this graffiti is fleeting human contact, both of us lost, but for a moment we are lost together. I wonder who you are…”
Person 2” You are looking for meaning in the wrong place!”
Person 3 “No shit…”
Person 4 “Yes. Lots of it…”

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