Apr 272010
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I didn’t sleep to well last night, many thoughts and uncertainties in my head. I was lying awake until four am, before dragging myself to the living room and collapsing on the sofa. For the last couple of weeks I have been applying to various jobs, somewhat uncertain whether I want or should study this autumn. There are no dietitian vacancies.The last five years several of the positions have been cut. With fewer vacancies and more students, the likelihood of finding a job as a dietitian is diminutive. Out of the few jobs available, dietitians with years of experience are often preferred, and there are many of them looking for a job right now. My mind has been working like crazy, mostly during the nights when I can’t keep myself busy with something else, trying to work out what other possibilities there are out there. I feel that I lack guidance on this matter, but maybe it is up to me to figure this one out. I am worried about my future. If I study for two more years my student loan will skyrocket and I will have to spend well over 25 years trying to pay it off- and I won’t be guaranteed that I will get a better paid job, or a job at all, if I add a master to my portfolio. If I choose to work instead, will I find work? Will I find the kind of work I am looking for? The nights are long and my feelings bewildering, and I am exhausted with thoughts and qualms…

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