May 252010
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And I am back!

I am so sorry you had to wait this long for my blog entry; I have had problems with the website and haven’t had the time to fix it. There are about ten blog entries that have ‘disappeared’ – and I will re-post them this week, a lot has happened and I sure don’t want […]

May 072010
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Yogurt and lactose

Is yogurt naturally lactose free? I have noticed that I can eat yogurt without any problems, and I am lactose intolerant. Carl E. Hi Carl E. People who are lactose intolerant do not produce the enzyme lactase that breaks down milk sugar and therefore experience discomfort at different levels of lactose intake. Yogurt contains the […]

May 022010
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Onions, antioxidants and cooking time

Ref. to the article about raw onions – one loses the advantage by cooking the onions?! Cora Hi Cora! I assume that you are referring to the news article Onion based preservatives from 17th April this year In general antioxidants are not heat-resistant but will break down at different levels of heat, something observed in […]

May 012010
Another week gone by…

Second week at the hospital, one third through my practical training, and one month left of my bachelor (of dietetics). I wish I had something astonishing to tell you about my week, but other than the training at the hospital my life has been somewhat grey. It feels like I am waiting for something. Waiting […]