Aug 302010
‘Barefoot’ running in my vibrams and then a double rainbow

Yesterday I went for a run with husband in the nearby forest, where there is a running track that is quite muddy, sandy and hilly. In other words, my favorite kind! Not sure if you know, but I am a big fan of barefoot running. Had knee problems (like every human being on this planet) […]

Aug 282010
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Breakfast seminar with David Lega

Thursday morning I attended a breakfast seminar at Gothenburg University for entrepreneurs. David Lega is a world known speaker and entrepreneur, and also a former Paralymic swimmer with 14 world records behind him. The breakfast seminar was great, and I got to meet a lot of entrepreneurs , and I enjoyed meeting some new people […]

Aug 222010
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Thank you for visiting, Ben and Peter!

Ben and Peter left for Stockholm yesterday, and as the summer is ending and autumn begins so does reality. Having them over was like having a mini-holiday, I had forgotten how much fun it is to live in a share accommodation. There were some parties, some shopping, many late nights and some cooking, cleaning and […]

Aug 152010
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Lecture on sports nutrition

Ah, it’s been a while! That means I have been very busy indeed. Last week on Thursday I held a lecture on sport nutrition for HK Aranäs team handball. It was a success, and I had a really good time. Looking forward to hold more lectures! I’m going to put the video on my company […]

Aug 012010
Would you mind saving a life?

That is a big question that has been on my mind for a while now. The youtube plea for a kidney donor to the dying father of a five year old featured on ABC news earlier this week really touched me. While I am hesitant about donating organs, I have been thinking about becoming a […]