Sep 282010
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Weekend in Norway

Last Saturday I went to Norway with my husband Daniel to visit my parents, Daniel and Corina. I haven’t seen them since the beginning of July since we have been traveling and then been preoccupied with school and work. I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to come up here again until Christmas, both of […]

Sep 242010
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Studying, working, weight lifting and running- and oh some love too

I am finally back on track! I’ve managed to organize my schedule so I can suitably manage both my Master degrees, setting up the dietitian clinic and my daily workouts, and still have time for something that might resemble a social life. Mostly that means hanging out with my husband and a lucky few, often […]

Sep 232010
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My first Michelin star

Not really my Michelin star, but the first time I have eaten at a Michelin restaurant. We were close this summer when we stayed at Caesars, as the famous Guy Savoy restaurant was in the same building, but we never went. Yesterday was our (me and my husband Daniels) three year anniversary so we booked […]

Sep 192010
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Art on wheels- Lotus

Moving away from food, diets and opening a dietitian clinic: it is bragging time! My husband’s dad just bought a new car and it is awesome! Yesterday he came by our place, and I swear you could hear the engine from a mile away. The car is a beautiful Lotus, silver-gray, polished and sparkling like […]

Sep 112010
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Presentation styles

Ok, I slept from 01:00 to 18:00 today! haha, insane! I was so tired! It was great just sleeping, relaxing, and not to have a single worry in the whole world for a day. The presentation yesterday went really well, I decided not to use any power point slides and instead used the white board. […]

Sep 092010
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Keeping it together

This week has been intense. Busy, but busy good, and  I welcome the weekend with open arms. Just one more day to go! Tomorrow we are having a smaller presentation on various chapters from one of the books from the welfare course. You know me, I love presentations!- it is going to great! I’ll be […]

Sep 072010
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What I am studying...

Time to answer the grand question, dear Iris, what are you studying now? Well, I’m doing a double master, a one year master in dietetics and a two year master in medical science. At the moment I am studying at 150%, and the courses I am doing right now (this autumn) are as following: Qualitative […]