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Ok, I slept from 01:00 to 18:00 today! haha, insane! I was so tired! It was great just sleeping, relaxing, and not to have a single worry in the whole world for a day. The presentation yesterday went really well, I decided not to use any power point slides and instead used the white board. I was using drawings to illustrate my point, drawing while I was explaining. I was inspired by the RSA Animate – Die or Smile on YouTube. I this video a few weeks ago and immediately thought that it would be interesting to try this. I also handed out notes afterwards in case they missed some of the information, with keywords on the back of the paper for those that are to lazy to read the whole text. I reckon it worked out well, and I will definitive do it again. So far I have tried the following presentation styles:

  • Using powerpoint (often the most popular at universities)
  • Show-and-tell (use it a lot when I lecture on nutrition)
  • Making an animation movie -( it was a huge success!)
  • Role play (brilliant when presenting two sides of a story)
  • Making a movie as a part of the presentation
  • and now white-board animation

I like to mix it up, it’s awesome that I can play around with different styles to find out what works the best for me- and I guess it is entertaining for the audience as well. I just want them to have fun, I HATE boring presentations!!! You got to show some excitement for what you are presenting, or you might as well just hand out a piece of paper instead.

Well, new presentation next week. What to do next I wonder…. 🙂 Any ideas?

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