Oct 272010
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Restaurant rip-offs: Half an onion soup for 125 kr (18 dollars)

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my husband’s colleagues to have something delicious to eat. Being in the midst of the week we opted for something not that pricey, and not that fancy. A British pub seemed like a good idea. We went to Bishops Arms on Avenyen, Gothenburg Sweden. Now here is the […]

Oct 242010
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Surprise surprise, another weight loss drug rejected

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s obesity drug lorcaserin was rejected by the FDA due to lack of evidence of effectiveness and worries concerning cancer risk. The search for the magic pill is still on, while portion sizes continue to increase and everyday activity decreases. Ironic I reckon. Stop thinking and start moving, life is too short for […]

Oct 212010
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The truth behind before and after pictures

Have you seen this picture before, or something similar? Did you know that most before and after pictures that you see advertising weight loss supplements and/or diets are taken the same day? Actually taken during the same photo-shoot? Even the ones where the person is holding a newspaper in her/his hand (honestly it is not […]

Oct 142010
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Thursday at the office

After spending half my day on the phone trying to sort out insurance issues I dragged myself to the office to continue working there. Close to eight and I am still sitting here, working on the website. Its a lot of work and the days have been long- but I like it. I can’t wait […]

Oct 102010
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Summer ends and a new chapter begins

Autumn is here, colorful and spectacular as always. In one way I am sad summer is gone, a new year has to go by before I see her again, but in another way autumn means the beginning of new and wonderful things. Today I added the last few touches to the brochures, signs, business cards […]

Oct 042010
Giving blood plus tissue typing for stem cell donation

Today was my big day, as I for the first time was finally able to give blood. I have a very low blood pressure that is quite sensitive to my hydration status and I finally managed to get enough fluids in to be accepted as a donor. In my younger year I had quite a […]

Oct 012010
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Norwegian nature- Preikestolen / Preachers Pulpit/ Pulpit Rock

On the Sunday last week the trio, me, Daniel and mum, went trekking up in the Norwegian mountains. If you haven’t seen Norwegian nature then you have missed out. The only place in the world that comes close for me is Yosemite in California but still there is something so serene and majestic about the […]