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Have you seen this picture before, or something similar?

Did you know that most before and after pictures that you see advertising weight loss supplements and/or diets are taken the same day? Actually taken during the same photo-shoot? Even the ones where the person is holding a newspaper in her/his hand (honestly it is not that hard to get a hold of an old newspaper!)? Today, just for fun, I decided to make my own before and after pictures. The first four pictures are edited and the photo-shoot and editing took me only 30 minutes!

Imagine how much more editing I could have done if I was a professional editor, had a makeupcrew, lights and cameras? Here you can see the un-edited pictures (to the left) and the edited pictures to the right.So that was the sad before pictures. Notice the bad posture, pale skin, looking unhappy, everything is saggy. Let’s have a look at the after pictures!Yes, much better. I am happy, slim, would probably be spraytanned and have fake abs edited in. The editing here is fairly subtle, but believe me when I say that most the ads you see are fake and produced within a day. There are no shortcuts. Nope. None.
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