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Don’t we all love a makeover? Seems to me like we do! We makeover houses, people, looks and so on. Lately I’ve felt like my life has had an extreme makeover, not from bad to good but from good to I-quite-like-it-a-lot-maybe-even-better-good. On very short notice me and Daniel, my husband, found an apartment and moved. I am not joking when I say that it took us 3 hours to pack 60 boxes, 2 hours to move the boxes (with the help from our friends Daniel & Andreas, and dear Ricky that owns a super-duper moving company). It has taken us two days to unpack 52 of the boxes, as we are both busy with school and the opening of my clinic last Saturday. There’s been so much things happening, and I am buzzing with bliss right now! We celebrated some great news (related to the clinic) with homemade burgers, which were made in the midst of the mess. There are 50 boxes stacked flat on top of each other in the kitchen, but I managed to find a little corner where I could make my burgers.
The burgers are really easy to make, just mix minced meat with some salt and pepper, make four flat burgers at about 100 grams each and fry them. Use some fresh bread (not hamburger bread please), some avocado and fresh tomatoes, and two slices of low fat cheese. Cook potatoes with skin, then mix with paprika plus some salt and dill. Serve everything with some fresh vegetables. Takes only 20-30 minutes, seriously, and the taste is awesome! Enjoy 😉

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  1. Hectic week but totally worth it! Great burgers 🙂

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