Dec 292010
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A healthy holiday for a healthy life

I’ve never really understood why so many spend the holidays gorging on unhealthy food and doing as little activity as humanly possible. For me that would be a punishment, both for my body and my mind! So this Christmas like any other for me, I haven’t eaten more than I use to- or any different […]

Dec 282010
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Oh what a Merry Christmas!

Three days later and I am back home and back at work! My To-do-list is longer than ever but my batteries are recharged and I can’t wait to get started! In less than two weeks the advanced nutrition course starts and I am looking forward to meet my new students. Here are my Christmas pictures, […]

Dec 252010
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merry christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! I am blogging from my phone so I wont be able to upload some pics from my camera untill i get home. These half-good pictures taken with my htc hd will have to do. It has been two great days at my husbands parents place! I miss the gym though, so we […]

Dec 232010
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Then and now Christmas a year later

Tomorrow it is Christmas- it seems so unreal! Has it really been one year already? I had to look at some pictures to make sure that a year really has passed. I had short-short hair a year ago so my hair has kind of measured the time passed. So here you go, a before and […]

Dec 162010
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Filmed lecture at Gothenburg Business School

I have to keep it short this time, because I don’t want to be late for my afternoon meeting. Anyways, last Tuesday I held a small presentation for a class at Gothenburg Business School and the whole event was filmed. For those of you who want to see my presentation style the video is now […]

Dec 092010
Blue light by goLITE BLU in the winter darkness

As I mentioned earlier I am a Buzzador, which means I test products and if I like them I’ll tell people about it and get just as excited as I am. Last month/this month I had the exciting opportunity to test goLITE BLU energylamp by Philips. In Sweden the winter days are long, cold and […]

Dec 082010
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How much weight are you pushing when doing a push up?

A while back I started doing the 100 push-ups, but had to give it a rest after overtraining and getting chronic pain in my shoulder joint. Today I decided to start again, as I like the concept. The concept is a perfect example of how resistance training should be (except for the lack of variation). […]

Dec 062010
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Winter campaign launched

Right, so it has been a while again! Nota as long as you think, because it turns out I am missing a blog-post from my trip to Norway! Annoying, but I recently just upgraded the site, and the post probably got lost. Oh well, since we last ‘talked’ I have had several meetings, as I […]