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A while back I started doing the 100 push-ups, but had to give it a rest after overtraining and getting chronic pain in my shoulder joint. Today I decided to start again, as I like the concept. The concept is a perfect example of how resistance training should be (except for the lack of variation). You start slowly, record your progress, allow time for rest between sets and days, increase the weight (or in this case reps) and you are consistent. Anyways, I got to thinking- how much weight am I really pushing? I remember that I was told when I was doing my PT training with the Australian Fitness Institute of Fitness that women tend to push 71% of their bodyweight, and men 77%, when doing a standard medium wide grip push up. Let’s find out if this is true, I though. Well, I took out my scales and assumed the pushup position, went halfway down and held the position for 10 seconds. The scales showed that I am (in a narrow grip due to the size of the scale) pushing 41 kg, 70% of my 59 kg body weight. I made my husband do the same thing, and it turns out he pushes 78% of his weight. Not too bad! So next time you hit the gym, weigh yourself and calculate how much you are pushing- or just grab a scale! Even better, HIRE ME 😀 Go IC Kompetent Hälsa!

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