Dec 092010

As I mentioned earlier I am a Buzzador, which means I test products and if I like them I’ll tell people about it and get just as excited as I am. Last month/this month I had the exciting opportunity to test goLITE BLU energylamp by Philips. In Sweden the winter days are long, cold and very dark. When I wake up in the morning its dark outside and by the time I finish work its dark outside. I basically don’t see the sun. Nor the light. So, I decided to get my own light! Do you know that feeling, when you wake up and it feels like you didn’t sleep at all? The alarm clock starts chiming and you think you must have set it wrong, but uh no- its time to get up. I get seriously down every winter. Tired, irritated and I feel like a zombie. A friend of mine has been using light therapy provided at her health care center, but I would be able to afford that- and it seems like such a hassle. Look, I wouldn’t be writing about this product if I wasn’t excited about it and I am. It’s been a week and a half now, and for the last three days I actually have managed to get up AND stay up at 6 45 am as I am supposed to. I eat breakfast and then have my coffee by my computer, turn on the blue light and do my email work while it does its charm. Midday I do the same thing, before going to the gym, winter time is my best weight lifting time and I want to be fully awake and full of energy, you can’t afford to be tired at the gym- it’s easier to get injured! Come night and I actually can sleep, hurray! Might be a placebo effect, but for now that is good enoughfor me 😉

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