Dec 222010
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I was going to write about Christmas, but I believe I have something more important to share with you. And if you want Christmas bla-bla then there should be plenty of blogs to choose between. With that said, let’s start. I think I am going to start a new thread called running a business, and please read this next bit very closely if you want to get and keep customers.ALWAYS answer an email within two days (even better, one day), professionally and friendly, and during work hours. Last week I contacted a company that I wanted to hire for a large project, but almost a week later they have not answered my mail. Whenever I get that, I remove them from my list. If I am going to hire somebody and pay them I will certainly not invest in a company that doesn’t see the value in a customer inquiry. It takes five minutes to answer a mail, and if you don’t have the time then you should probably be earning so much that you can hire somebody to do it for you. The same goes for calling; I will never stop being amazed at how somebody can run a business and not return calls. I always wonder how many customers they miss out on, as I know that I never hire a person that ignores mails or calls. So this is my tip for next year.

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