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If you have been to a BNI meeting then you know what I’m talking about. BNI is a networking group for professionals and exists all over the world. For me, and many others, networking is my preferred way of increasing my sales- and growing as a company as well as a person. At the meetings I’ve been to here in Gothenburg there are usually between 20-30 business professionals, and during a meeting everybody gets 60 seconds to present themselves. During this time you are supposed to say who you are, who you work for, what you do and why you are good at it, and what you are looking for. You end the presentation with a good memory hook (something that makes people remember you). Well, yesterday att Panorama Quality Hotel I decided to go BIG on my memory hook and I believe nobody there will forget me for a while!
My 60 seconds presentation:
‘Hi, my name is Iris Classon and I am a registered clinical dietitian at Adeo Nova/ Kompetent Hälsa. I work with both companies as well as private persons, to help them achieve health through medical nutritional therapies. There are few private dietitians out there, and I am not cheap but my services are worth a million. I am looking for companies that are interested in increasing their employees’ health and productivity . Before I go I have a present for you all, I know we all love presents don’t we? Health is a gift, and I see every day at work how many would love that gift. Few of us are in perfect health, and we want to feel better, but how? I can help most of you to better health, and a very small start is this apple (I show my apple with a bowtie and my business card on it). It’s a small start, but it is a start in the right direction. On the card is my address, that’s where you should go. Thank you.” (I passed around all my apples in a shoe-box and I was very happy to see that they ate the apples!)

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