Mar 082011
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I might regret this tomorrow but I just came back from my first barefoot-run since my heel inflammation last year. I had planned to go to the office early today, but since I am holding nutrition classes every tuesday and thursday night I knew it was going to be a long day and I didnt want to miss out on the beaututiful weather! So, with only 2 degrees celcius outside I went for a run, and even tested running in the snow.

  2 Responses to “Barefoot running and it’s only 2 degrees celcius outside”

  1. You did it,i am proud of you,you go girl,i like your style.i did my run on sunday in the woods,was awesome as well,the spring morning jogging with the sun in your face,keeps you going!!!

    • Thank you Noemi 🙂 I sure love to run!- and workout. To bad we never got to go to the gym together, next time I am in Stavanger we have to go!

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