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What do you think, should I give it a go? I am seriously considering entering a fitness competition… I love lifting weights and it would be fun to a have a new goal for 2012 or 2013. Hmmm… can you imagine, a dietitian up there haha! If I’m going to do it I’ll do it without ANY supplements!

Here is me at the gym last week with my husband.

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  1. Go for it!! It would be a great way to stick it to them doing it without supplements. Good luck!

    • Yeah, I totally agree! I would also love to do it without wearing those horrible blinged-up bikinis, the prom-hairdo and the way-too-much-makeup. The tan is a must, the lights flatten out the contours making the muscles look less defined 🙂

  2. You go do it,natural is soooo good,i quit everything,even the coffee and work-outs are going great,feeling good and eating pretty healthy.I think you can do it and go for it.
    Happy birthday :)))

    • Thank you Noemi! I reckon we women that exercise look better for every year that passes by (and every workout he he)! I really wanna give it a go, was so close a few years ago, but I didnt have the knowledge (on food) that I have now and just wore down my body. I’m getting fit for Beach 2011 anyways, so I might as well up-it a little more haha! Have you considered joining a body fitness competition? I reckon you would rank pretty high!

  3. by “fitness competition”, do you mean a figure competition. here in the us there are posing on the stage competitions called figure competitions and fitness competitions like the crossfit games. either way, yes, go for it.

    • In Sweden they have a different way of dividing these ‘sports’, I would definitive aim for fitness as I am far to small to compete in figure. Honestly I would prefer Bikini Fitness, but there is no such thing in Sweden 🙁

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