Apr 072011
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Yes, so happy birthday to me! Yesterday I turned 27, and I am one step closer to the big 3 0. I don’t really mind, but it does feel kind of weird. I had a fab day, and me and Daniel (my husband) spent the day together, and in the evening we had dinner at his parents. Daniels mum cooks the most amazing food, and it’s my favorite place to go when we eat out haha. Company is great too, and it is one of the few times I feel completly relaxed! But! to ge back to the headline: And the best sister award goes to…..’ I just opened the present my sister sent from Australia, and oh boy is she good att present-shopping! Thank you sooooo much Anca, the leather pants were a perfect fit, and I looove the Guess handbag! I’ll watch the movie this weekend 🙂

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  1. Tusen takk Iris!!! Buksene sitter jo kjempefint paa!! Kjempe kjempe glad i deg 🙂 God paaske!

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