Jun 302011
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Multisport sunglasses- ugly but awesome

Daniel and I bought some really ugly multisport-sunglasses yesterday. Whilst not being the prettiest thing in the world they do the trick. We gave it a go with a one hour mountain biking trip yesterday, and they were super! We got off to a late start and the sun was low in the horizon and […]

Jun 282011
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Weekly exercise inspiration: The creative cleaning routine (week 26 2011)

Thank you so much for comments and mails! I’ve decided to post routines, instructions and tips on weekly basis regarding exercise that are creative and inspiring. Here is the first exercise inspiration: The creative cleaning routine Everybody has clean the house on regular basis, and everybody should exercise on regular basis. For many people both […]

Jun 272011
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Midsummer mountainbiking

This weekend was ’midsummer’ in Sweden, a weekend usually spent drinking and eating- but Daniel, Niclas, Julia and I decided to spend the weekend being active instead + some healthy food. On Saturday we all four went first to the gym for an hour intense weightlifting workout, and afterwards we biked for two hours in […]

Jun 212011
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I have BIG surprise...

Iris in the box surprises again…. I have a big surprise for you, but I can’t tell your right now… I got to tell my parents first, so later this evening I will tell you ‘la surprise fantastique’…. Xox

Jun 092011
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The National Day of Sweden

Last Monday we celebrated the National Day of Sweden. In Norway we always celebrate the national day big time, and I think Norwegians are quite famous for the over-the-top celebration. In Sweden the celebration is more quiet, but it has grown bigger over the past years. Last minute I and Daniel my husband decided to […]

Jun 042011
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Swedish ’fika’ with Julia

In Sweden we have something called ’fika’ . Wikipedia: “Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means “to drink coffee,” usually accompanied by something sweet. When I first came to Sweden I had no idea what fika was, I thought it meant to eat. But it is more like a coffee break. […]