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The hotel we stayed at in Stockholm had the best hotel gym I have been to, so far. It had everything, and was included in the hotelprice. I spent 90 minutes there, 30 minutes sprint training, 40 minutes strength training and 20 minutes boxing! Ashame I got sick the next day so I only had the pleasure of going there once 🙁 . The hotel was Mornington Hotel (Bromma). The food there was pretty bad thought, and the attitude of the employees. Nonetheless, excellent gym!

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  1. wow, i wonder if they sell memberships to that gym. they obviously has some management or ownership who know something about training. most hotels have the bare minimum just to check off exercise room as an ammenity. they also probably are worried about the liability of having all that “dangerous” equipment in there.

  2. Glad you like our gym!
    Sorry about the food and attitude though… Hope that we will have the opportunity to make a better impression another time!

    And yes, we do sell memberships =)

  3. You are welcome! It is hard to find hotels that have gyms that actually makes you want to work out! You get a big plus for the boxing bag, I havent seen one at a hotel gym before (or any gym in Sweden, I know in Australia that gyms often do have boxing gear and I miss that here 🙁 )
    I hope to visit again soon, and I might give the restaurant another go. There is always room for a second and third impression!

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