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In Sweden we have something called ’fika’ . Wikipedia: “Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means “to drink coffee,” usually accompanied by something sweet. When I first came to Sweden I had no idea what fika was, I thought it meant to eat. But it is more like a coffee break. When I lived in Melbourne in Australia we would go and have those coffee breaks all the time. Long breaks just sipping latte and talking about everything and nothing whilst sharing something to eat. So apart from sports ‘fika’ is probably one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends. Me and Julia went out to eat and afterwards we had a fika. We shared a medium sized pizza that we custom ordered (no sauce, bacon or any extra cheese). Afterwards we shared a slice of mudcake, I had a skinny latte and she had a smoothie. Total calories (my menu) for half a pizza, half a slice of cake and a skinny latte: about 1400 kcal. Total that day I had about 2200 kcal for the whole day which meant I had a negative energy balance that day. So you can definitive have a dinner and ‘fika’ without breaking your daily allowance of calories, just make sure you slim the portions sizes, share the energy dense foods and choose low-calorie beverages.

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