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Did you know that I am a ‘jack of all trades’? Well, you probably have figured that out by now. I also know a little bit about cleaning drains. We moved to our new apartment about half a year ago and since then have had problems with the sink in the bathroom. It has been clogged up and there has been a funky smell in the bathroom as well. Yesterday I unscrewed the whole thing only to discover that the previous tenants hadn’t cleaned the darn drain for 10 years.

I really unscrewed the whole thing, not just the cap underneath the sink, the hair (+other things) was lodged down the pipe and I had to fish it out with chopsticks (yes, I really used chopsticks). A dissection later the pipe and drain was clean and sparkling, bad smell was gone and the water could run freely down the drain. Ahhhh. Sure happy I’m not the squeamish type of person!

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  1. Looks like saturated fat with the hair. that stuff clogs everything 😉

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