Jun 272011
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This weekend was ’midsummer’ in Sweden, a weekend usually spent drinking and eating- but Daniel, Niclas, Julia and I decided to spend the weekend being active instead + some healthy food.

On Saturday we all four went first to the gym for an hour intense weightlifting workout, and afterwards we biked for two hours in the forest trying to locate the mountainbike trail.

On Sunday Daniel, Niclas and I came back and went on a hardcore mountainbike ride that lasted for well over two hours, when we got back home we could barely stand up!

Later in the evening I counted 19 bruises on my body, and since the bike is waaaay too big for me I also had the pleasure of landing on the bar a couple of times as well- and yes it hurts for girls as well! So I do feel a little beaten up today! By the forest and by the bike haha.

Nonetheless, what an amazing day! We wrapped it all up on the balcony with a homemade banana-chocolate smoothie and some sandwiches with scrambled eggs, whilst enjoying the sun and the clear blue sun. Can’t wait to go again!
I have a video as well, but I got to go. I have a date with Daniel, we are going to the bike store haha 😀

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