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Thank you so much for comments and mails! I’ve decided to post routines, instructions and tips on weekly basis regarding exercise that are creative and inspiring.
Here is the first exercise inspiration: The creative cleaning routine

Everybody has clean the house on regular basis, and everybody should exercise on regular basis. For many people both are dreaded tasks that take time. And since we all love to save time, here is real timesaver for you! Why not combine cleaning and exercise?
This is how I did it: I used an interval timer (an app on my phone), but you can also just use a normal clock and keep track of the time. I kept a high pace while cleaning for 10 minutes, never standing still, and then did 5 minutes of maximum repetitions of the chosen exercise.

Here was my plan:

  • Kitchen 10 minutes
  • Pull ups 5 minutes
  • Kitchen 10 minutes
  • Push-ups 5 minutes
  • Living room 10 minutes
  • Deep sumo squat with jump 5 minutes
  • Living room 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes break
  • Bedroom 10 minutes
  • Vertical crunches 5 minutes
  • Bedroom 10 minutes
  • Bicycle Maneuver 5 minutes
  • Bathroom and hallway 10 minutes

Cleaning 70 minutes
Workout 25 minutes
Break 5 minutes
Total time: 100 minutes = clean apartment

  3 Responses to “Weekly exercise inspiration: The creative cleaning routine (week 26 2011)”

  1. Cool! Nice routine exercise you made up there. I knew that house can also be an exercise equipment.

    • Thank you Jason! If people hate cleaning and dislike working out, hopefully the combination will make it more fun 🙂 At least the house gets cleaned and you’ve done some exercise as well! Do you have an at home routine?

  2. Hello, i’m a recent high school graduate who moved into my own apartment a week ago. I’ve had trouble trying to find time to exercise, so this works right along with my busy schedule! Thank you! My apartment also looks really nice. 🙂

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