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Daniel and I bought some really ugly multisport-sunglasses yesterday. Whilst not being the prettiest thing in the world they do the trick. We gave it a go with a one hour mountain biking trip yesterday, and they were super!

We got off to a late start and the sun was low in the horizon and the shades from the trees long and dark, but the sunglasses lifted the little light that existed in the forest so it seemed like it was much lighter outside!

They also protected against bugs and branches. Took them out for a run today, and I love them!
But they sure are ugly. Reminds me of some sunnies me and my sister Anca bought when we were young, super-large sunnies with yellow/orange glas. Haha, I wonder if I still have them somewhere at my parents house? 😀 Do you remember Anca? 😉

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    • Chuck: Nice to see you here again on the blog!
      I read the article and had some thoughts…
      There might also be a link between Vit.D status and sight, not to mention level of activity of those children that spend most their time indoors, and many cofactor and variables. I would love to read the studies mentioned in the article. The article is an op-ed opinion article, and not research,- and even though the idea is interesting it does lack substantial backup. How would sunglasses influence the outcome by the way? Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, and eye and eyelid cancer is not uncommon. Therefore sunglasses it is very important to, as they say in OZ: Slip, slap and slop. slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat,- and put on those sunnies 🙂
      I can’t help but notice that the opinion seems to be based on the Natural selection theory, which does have a few critics. What are your thoughts around this chuck?

  1. Ahhhhh…..the memories my dear sister. Yes, I still have them (so why did you have to buy new ones?)

    • You still have them? haha, great! I’ll wear them at your wedding then 😀 Bought new ones that are more comfortable 😉

  2. @Iris
    personally, i think the closer we can get to natural the better. sunscreen and sunglasses are very recent inventions. their long term effects are not know. i wonder how diet influences skin cancer. is the constant protection from the sun causing more problems than benefits? i am not sure but it makes me wonder how humans ever got along without sunscreen and sunglasses for the last 2 million years.

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