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I’ve had my first MTB fall and it went something like this.
1. I buy my first pair of pedal clips and shoes (already have the pedals). You attach the clips to the shoes, and the pedals on the bike. There are different types of pedals and many mountain bikers choose to use so-called clipless pedals, which are pedals that allows specialized shoes to attach to the pedals. When you ride you push the clips (placed underneath your shoes where the shoes are at its widest) in to the MTB pedals and you hear a ‘click’. You are now locked into place and become one with the bike (for better or worse). You can jump with the bike easier and higher, your feet won’t slip of the pedals, and you will be less likely to pedal air. You will also be able to bike harder and faster as you can PULL as well as push when biking. To release the feet from the pedals you have to turn the heels outwards or inwards (you decide). A screw on the pedals also helps you adjust how easy/hard it should be to clips in and out of the pedals.
2. It’s midnight and we have been working on Daniel’s bike in the garage and I decide to try shoes and clips. I tell Daniel to wait next to the house so he can catch me in case I’m unable to release the shoes from the pedals.
3. I get in the bike, click – click and I am now stuck to the pedals.
4. I bike to an intersection and the plan was as following: Pull the brakes once you get there, so you can release the shoes from the pedals while standing still.
5. I came to the intersection, stopped and half a second later my bum + hip made a love-connection with the asphalt.
6. Note to self: once you stop you won’t have time to release the shoes from the pedals, do that before stopping.

Hurt, yes it did. I’m happy it was dark outside.

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