Aug 312011
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Hack into facebook and get rich

This would be a very good time to be a hacker, but sadly I am not. To early into my programming learning, but it this does inspire me to study harder :D! Facebook will give out money for people that can find vulnerabilities in the code. So far they’ve payed over £ 25 000, and […]

Aug 292011
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Aliens and cowboys, and octomum?

Went to the cinema with some friends yesterday to see the movie Aliens and Cowboys. Had a good laugh and overall a good time. I searched for a good picture to borrow, and for some weird reason a picture of octomum showed up when I typed ‘Aliens and cowboys’. I don’t get it, but it […]

Aug 242011
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Day 2 649 days left: Pseudocode in the making

OMG what a start! Day two ended in total frustration after we had to write pseudocode. Pseudocode is also what is called dummy code, and you pretty much write out how the code should look like and do, but very simplified and often using normal words. We had just learned (quickly) about what statements: while, […]