Aug 242011
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OMG what a start! Day two ended in total frustration after we had to write pseudocode. Pseudocode is also what is called dummy code, and you pretty much write out how the code should look like and do, but very simplified and often using normal words. We had just learned (quickly) about what statements: while, else, if and for does, and was then told to write what we did this morning in pseudocode. When you code you tell the program what to do, and these statements lets you specify what and when and also lets you repeat sections of the code. So like my group wrote: If smelly, shower. If wet, dry. If hungry and food exists, eat. You get point. It’s harder than you think, because it has to be logical and something that can be translated into code. That wasn’t so easy, and when we then afterwards were told to write the actual code the class was left in shock. I’ll let you know tomorrow or so, and even show you a bit of code!

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