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I always wondered why you only hear about the great. Honestly, few people tell about their struggles- those that do complain so much that you become deaf to their thoughts and feelings on that particular subject. But stories about the great survive. I’ve never heard about a programmer struggling. But logically everybody must have, at some time if not all the time. Today was one of those days for me. When you sit there, mind blank, eyes wide open and feeling like Bambi on ice. You’ve heard all the theory, how to do it, and it all kind of made sense. But then, BAM, before you even know it you’re on the ice,- slipping, stumbling and trying to crab whatever you can just to prove to yourself (and those watching) that ‘hey- I totally got this. I am full of awesomeness’. But I’ll take one for the team today, and I’ll be the first one to publicly announce that I was Bambi today. I sat there all day, listening to my teacher, watching his every move, absorbing every word and copying every bit of code. And then, when it was time to DO it, I didn’t get it. YES! You read right, I , Iris Classon, didn’t get it. I honestly didn’t get it. Abstract classes, abstract base classes, interface, implementing interface, implicit and explicit implementation. Don’t know what it is or when to use it. And honestly it’s okey. I don’t have to know today. I’ll know it by Monday and that’s good enough for me. It may take me a few more days to learn to skate on ice, but once I know it I’ll be just as good as everybody else to do it and nobody is going to care. For now I’m just enjoying the ride.

  2 Responses to “Day 10 640 days left: No, I honestly don’t get it. Bambi on ice”

  1. As usual, you did well today and I’m not the least worried that you’ll nail it in good time before Monday (Tuesday).

  2. Thank you 🙂 I’m getting there! Had a read through and I think I am getting the hang of it. At least I feel very inspired (thank you for that), and the Zoo already exists in my head and I am hard at work trying to translate my thoughts into code. I am super excited about the assignment, and I actually did a 3D model of the Zoo for inspiration haha 😀 but don’t worry, the code is still the main focus. Here is the Zoo: , it is going to be awesome 😀

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