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Mikael, the teacher, has given us an assignment that is due tuesday. We have to code our very own Zoo, and practise on using inheritance- one of the key cornerstones of object oriented programming. Of course I will have to get comfortable with abstract classes and interface, and after a day of brainstorming and reading I think I am beginning to understand it! To get my mind around the whole Zoo assignment I had to have a clear visual for inspiration, and therefore I sketched out (a bit poorly I have to admit, but I’m not much of an architect and it was my first time using a 3D modelling program) Iris’ Awesome Zoo.

So here is the scenario: I am the Zoo manager and I have to keep up with pricesetting, crowd control, feeding times, show times and VIP’s,- as well as manage inventory and so on. I pretty much have to run the show, and the program is going to help me do that, as well as throw some curveballs here and there (if I miss the tigers feeding time he eats the Zoo keeper instead).

Something like that. I’ve started writing down the ideas and sorting some of the classes, and figured out similarities and differences between the animals. Tomorrow I will finish of the text-sketch and on Sunday start coding for real. But first some well-deserved sleep, I am FINALLY going mountain biking again tomorrow with Daniel and Niclas!!!

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