Sep 042011
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I woke up late today. Last night we went to say hi to a friend of mine that was working a night shift at a camping site nearby. So when I woke up at 12 today my head was ready to burst and I had and still have a really bad migraine.

But outside the sun was shining and when I walked out on the balcony the heat struck me like pleasant and warm surprise. With barely 14 degrees Celsius and rain for the last few weeks the 28 degrees was more than welcome. I quick peek at the weather forecast showed troublesome news. Except for today, rain (31mm!) and 13 degrees for the next two weeks.

This would be the last day of summer. I and Daniel immediately decided to have our morning coffee at the lake. You got to seize the day! In 5 minutes we had eaten muesli and fruit, packed a thermos of coffee and were on our way to the lake.

I had to work and study, so we kept it short. But 30 minutes in the sun drinking coffee made me feel like a new person. Head still hurts like hell, but I got butterflies in my stomach like something great is about to happen. But looking around, I think it has already happened. Life happened 🙂

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