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After spending the whole weekend reading and studying my Zoo is still far from finished. I have only made the project file with its subsequent animal classes (base and subclasses, as well as three interfaces). Getting the program to actually do something proved to be a major pain in the a**. I feel like a complete idiot for not being able to put together the code, but my mind has gone blank again. Even if I understand the underlying theory and the facts, I have no idea how to make the magic happen. It is quite a low point for me, as I pride myself in always being a quick learner that overdelivers. Not this time, and it might actually be the second time in my life (first time was biochemistry, which I failed the first time around- or rather chose to redo the course twice). So I’ve gone from being a top student to being one of those that don’t really get it, and I have to admit it really hurts my ego and I actually gave myself a two-hour pity-party with some very immature tears of frustration in front of my computer. My husband ran to the garage to fix the mountain bike, probably a wise choice. Like with children, no audience means there’s no show. So I had to end the pity-party as a one-guest only party is no party, and I put together whatever I could make, which is pretty much one baseclass called animal, five baseclasses called fish, bird and so on. And each of those have three classes each (Bird: parrot, penguine and peacock). I also created three interface for methods that went across the different classes such as show, feeding by visitors and take photo with animal.

I have also mapped out in a flowchart the whole idea, and I have identified my objectives (what do I want the program to do?) and I have set a few personal study goals as to what I want to practise of the things we have learned. Tomorrow it feels like the walk of shame as I have to return to class with promises unaccomplished and reveal a skeleton of a program. Oh dear what I dread it, but I have a mission: by tomorrow I will know more than today and get some more code down. Well, at least I do know what interface is now, and what virtual means, and abstract class. I just don’t know how to use it when writing code.
Hope this does provide some comfort to a poor beginner programmer that feels just as frustrated as me.

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  1. Detta är ju dretbra, nu kan jag ju se lite vad jag missat från dom 2 första veckorna! 😉

    • Roligt att du tycker om bloggen, kommer lägga upp rätt mkt om skolan känns det, har ju knappt ett liv annars haha- blir ju en del plugg 😉 Hur känns det för dig då? Du kan lite från innan kanske?

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