Oct 302011
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Setting up my workstation

A short blog-post before I hit the gym. I’ve just realized that I need to get my workstation set up properly and make the whole programming and studying experience more comfortable. So I went out and invested some money in a new mouse, keyboard, mousemat and external hardrive. I reinstalled everything on my laptop, added […]

Oct 232011
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I’m back baby! Fun at the gym!

Sorry for not posting earlier, the last two weeks I have been working on an exam-project so I had to abandon my blog and my beloved readers for these two weeks! Sorry for that, but I am sure you understand! But I have not abandoned my workout regime or my diet. I had a short […]

Oct 102011
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A relaxing weekend

With the end of the first programming course coming to an end and exams just around the corner I finally decided to take some time off and relax. Usually I am all go- all action, but I really felt like I needed a break this weekend to clear my mind. Me, Daniel and Niclas went […]