Jul 062012
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I’m on my way to Stockholm for a weekend trip. Was reading the news and came across a funny article about British Airways. The “know me” campaign they announced today will provide iPads to the crew so they can google for images of high profile passengers so they can provide better and more personal service.

The idea of the crew googling people and finding random and probably old images from maybe the party-days put a smile on my face. I have no idea if this is a good idea, or a very bad one. If they collect and save information about passengers without asking passengers for permission, then I agree with the article that it is a little creepy and on the border of violating passenger privacy. Not to sure about this idea… Why not just ask the passengers to join the program, and if they agree then take a picture, and have the images integrated in the booking information. Then create a secure app that can be used to do the matching. I’ll make the app 😉


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