Jul 112012
 July 11, 2012  Posted by at 6:52 am WinRT 19 Responses »
Example Metro app /WinRT: Serializing and deseralizing objects using XMLSerializer to StorageFile and LocalFolder using generics and async/await threading

After a great comment from a user on MSDN I’ve decided to make another example app to show how to serialixe/deserialize with XMLSerialiser – keeping the code where I use DataContractSerializer so you can see both ways of doing it. Methods are still generic. From performance standpoint XMLSerializer is best, and recommended. DataContractSerializer might be […]

Jul 112012
 July 11, 2012  Posted by at 1:49 am WinRT 1 Response »
Example Metro app /WinRT: Show/Hide items in AppBar based on current selected FlipView Item

Today I added a flipview to one of my views. The items displays statistics, and criteria for the different statistics vary depending between piecharts and linecharts. So, I needed to display different options in my appbar, based on the flipviewitem selected. Here is an easy app example I’ve made that you can download. To ge […]