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Answered this question on Stackoverflow recently. To let a parent element of a textblock have the same size and width as the textblock a simple wrap with width and height set to auto wont do it. But why would you want to do such a thing anyway?
Well you might:
1. Want to follow the recommendation to localize your app, which means that the text can differ in size based on the language- and setting a fixed size might cut the text of,- or allow to much space.
2. Want to be able to dynamically change the text and keep (for example) the border snug
3. or something else

One way to solve this:
[sourcecode language=”XML”]

<Border BorderBrush="AliceBlue" Background="SlateBlue" Width="{Binding ElementName=tb, Path=ActualWidth}" Height="{Binding ElementName=tb, Path=ActualHeight}">
<TextBlock FontSize="45" Name="tb" Text="12345" Foreground="AliceBlue"/>


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  1. I have tried something similar (bind FontSize to ActualHeight of TextBox) but in Metro/Windows store apps this does not seem to work.
    AcutalHeight reports 0 at the time when the binding is executed.
    Later on ActualHeight (e.g. in GotFocus handler) reports correct values.

    I have not yet found a XAML-only solution to bind FontSize to Control.Height.

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